Founded in 2008 in the Roaring Fork Valley, we are an established lighting design firm with expertise that spans project types, scales and geographies.

  • Elise Streeb

    Principal / Partner, LEED

    Elise is genuinely great to work with. She has many strengths that range from conceptual to implementation and her confidence, knowledge, and experience make her a great design partner. She is able to work with all types of people on all types of projects which allows her to ensure that every project is perfected. She is able to redirect finger pointing games by taking initiative and reminding people that there is one goal, a successful project. When aiming art, historically, she will go up and down the ladder 10 times before being happy with the adjustments.

  • Sarah Erickson

    Principal / Partner, IALD Professional

    Sarah is passionate about people. She feels that great projects are not only a result of great design but also of a great team which is made up of personality, dynamic, and timing. She is invested in the success of our projects in their application / end product but also in their ability to build relationships which lead to future successes. Conceptual design is also one of her strengths, she is able to piece together imagery and presentations that convey our concepts elegantly and intentionally. Sarah is on the board of Women In Lighting Design Denver (WILD).

  • Kristen Kordecki

    Commercial Projects Director

    Coming from an interior design background, Kristen has style. She has an eye for design that provides unique designs to our clients. Always on the lookout for something innovative, something that has not been done before. She is quick to connect and is very good at presenting her ideas. She is easy to call and have a conversation with, and is always willing to take the extra time to coordinate with the team.

  • Radhika Kalra


    Radhika is a vibrant and flexible designer. She thrives in the details, with a background in electrical engineering, she provides a unique perspective into power design. Her exacting eye allows her to provide the highest quality of modeling and specifying to every project. Radhika willingly and intentionally supports all needs of each project with a new perspective and discerning eye.

  • Kale Lacroux


    Kale loves the science of lighting. His greatest strengths lie in his ability to find a lighting solution that perfectly complements and even enhances the most technical of projects. He is passionate about making sure clients get the best design solution possible. Kale throws a job well done out the window and always shoots for the stars, whether he is working on a specialty programming job, providing guidance on a holiday lighting show, or with a client that needs a specific art lighting detail for blown glass. He is also fluent in French, which is really awesome.

  • Justin Streeb


    Justin excels at streamlining our team’s processes so our clients can be sure they get what they signed up for, a beautiful lighting design that is within the budget outlined by the team. He is focused on the client first, making sure that our initial promise is carried through to the very end. He is extremely versed in all of the latest lighting technology and can provide solutions on the spot for selections. Also, if you want to go fly-fishing on a Friday afternoon in the Roaring Fork Valley, he is your guy.

What We Do

  • We provide best-in-class lighting design and lighting controls services for residential and commercial projects.
  • Our team offers extensive experience that spans multiple project types, including luxury homes, award-winning hotels, community parks, modern mixed-use developments and tech-savvy workplaces.
  • We believe that great results come not just from great design, but also from the efforts of a great team. We utilize our team members’ individual creative and technical strengths to deliver the best project outcomes.
  • Our expertise allows us to simplify the lighting design process, which is often rife with challenges and unnecessary hurdles.
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Who We Work With

  • Owners
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Developers
  • Builders
  • Landscape Architects
  • Design Builders

Where We Work

  • Mountain Communities in Colorado - Aspen, Telluride, Vail, Grand Lake, Copper, Durango, and Steamboat.
  • Mountain Communities outside of Colorado - Yellowstone Club (Big Sky, Montana), Jackson Hole (Wyoming) and Ketchum (Idaho).
  • Urban Locations - New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Omaha, Boise, Atlantic City, Columbus, Tampa and Denver.
  • International - St. Thomas (USVI), La Ribera (Mexico), and Ontario (Canada).
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