Monkey Rock Residence

Evergreen, Colorado
Monkey Rock Rendering Exterior Drive

Located in Evergreen, a region of the Rocky Mountain Foothills named for its expansive population of conifers and old-growth trees, the Monkey Rock Residence both assimilates and juxtaposes the surrounding Colorado mountain landscape.

Distinctive architectural elements and stark materials revel in the natural landscape and coalesce rather than compete with the focal Monkey Rock. Tree moonlighting and uplighting of surrounding evergreens emphasizes their presence while ensuring that the inhabitants of the home continue to connect with the surrounding environment after dusk, avoiding a black mirror-like effect from a dark exterior and lit interior. Uplighting along the curved spine wall hugs the driveway that welcomes residents and guests home. Low-level step lighting yields serene transition of the extensive outdoor spaces. A vertical linear light reveal at the chimney sparks attention to the many carefully curated architectural moments to be enjoyed.

Monkey Rock Residence is divided into a north and south wing separating the sleeping quarters and ancillary space from the main living amenity area. Recessed adjustable downlights, low level steplights, and integrated linear lighting provide necessary light for function, emphasize architecture and finishes, and add ease to everyday life. Integrated beam lighting spans the entire main living space and consists of point sources for architectural accent, flexible ambient and art lighting, and linear uplighting of the trusses and high ceilings. Subtle and sleek decorative pendants entice gathering, while in-grade uplights and miniature downlights spotlight unique metal wall details, integrated wood partition beams, and millwork. Extensive outdoor spaces strengthen the connection with the natural environment and blend interior and exterior. Integrated linear light details at benches, planters, and wall panels entice you to look beyond the confines of the home and congregate externally.


Outpost Architects


Outpost Architects

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